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Doña Oxford's latest album!! "Soul Quest" is a journey through the days of old school soul, referencing Doña's influences such as Stevie Wonder, Michael MacDonald, Prince, Tyrone Davis, Al Green, & Etta James.

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Doña Oxford's third album!! "Step Up" is another terrific release that harkens back to the glory days of 60's rock and soul.

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Doña Oxford's second album, "Raw", featuring 13 LIVE songs recorded at the famed Red Lion in NYC! It also includes the showstopping, BOOGIE WOOGIE!

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Doña Oxford's boogie woogie release!! "Alone In My Room" is a Solo Boogie Woogie romp. Just Doña, er piano and vocals. Bonus tracks include previously unreleased songs with her fantastic band.
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Doña Oxford's debut album "Rowena Said..." featuring 10 great songs penned mostly by the Boogie Woogie Woman herself.  

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