"It's like listening to me"
-Johnnie Johnson,
Father of Rock & Roll

"You're a bitch!"
-Keith Richards

" 'Raw' is 100% dead on!"
- Art Tipaldi
Blues Revue Magazine
1. Let's Have A Ball Oxford 
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2. The Hammer (Keeps A Knockin') Adams/Moore  mp3 
3.I'm On Fire Feldman, Goldstien, Gottehrer  mp3 
4. Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing Morrissette  mp3 
5. Crazy 'Bout You, Baby Dixon  mp3 
6. It's Our Day Oxford  mp3 
7. When You Find A Fool, Bump Her Head LaSalle  mp3 
8. Here We Go Again Oxford  mp3 
9. Something You Got Kenner  mp3 
10. I Want You Back Perrin/Gordy Jr.  mp3 
11. 'Til The Well Runs Dry Carr  mp3 
12. You'll Never Ever Know Sain  mp3 
13. Doe's Boogie  Oxford  mp3 
Doña Oxford: Vocals and Keyboards
Arthur Neilson: Guitar
Dave Post: Bass
Andrew Burns: Drums
Hiro Suzuki: Guitar on tracks 4 & 9
Tim Tindall: Bass on tracks 4 & 9
Buddy Fox: Introduction
Production Credits
Recorded at: The Red Lion, NYC and Chicago Blues, NYC
Recorded by: Paul Baran and Lee Shafer
Sound Engineer: Tina Fisk
Editing & Mastering: Rich Gaglia
Cover Photo: Jeffrey Hornstein
Back Photo: Robert Unger
Make-Up: Alberto Luengo
Art Direction: Scott Johnson
Producer: Doña Oxford
Executive Producer: Rafael Fuentes