An Audience with the Prince

While on vacation in LA , my cousin, Jennifer & I decided to do the tourist thing and have drinks at the Beverly Hills hotel.

They sat us in the piano bar area. As we sipped on a $10 bottle of water, $7 coffees & $11 chocolate cake, I looked up and sitting directly across from me was none other than PRINCE!!! THE ARTIST!!
I turned to my cousin and I said, "I'm about to get thrown out of the Beverly Hills Hotel!", She said, "WHAT? WHY?"

Pointing to Prince I said, "Well, there is one of the greatest musicians of our lifetime, and over there is a grand piano not being used. I'm gonna audition for Prince!"

After going back and forth, discussing the possible ramifications, Jennifer said that I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't do it. So I got up from my seat, my legs felt like lead. I was so nervous. Jennifer, too, was so nervous for me, that she started choking on her $10 water.

I walked over to the piano and raised the lid, sat down and hit the first chord and started singing my song "He's My Baby". I got 2 lines out when the Hostess approached me and said, "Did one of our guests ask you to sing for them?"

While still playing I said "No" and then I sang another line of the song. The Hostess then said that she's gonna have to ask me to stop because one of the guests requires quiet at this time. While still playing, I replied, "OK" and then sang one more line before finally getting up and walking back over to my table. I was so VERKLEMPT that I couldn't think fast enough. I did not have any business cards on me and I was so flustered I didn't think about writing my number down. I just looked over at Prince, who caught my eye and then quickly looked back down at his plate. Whew

Jennifer said that while I was playing, Prince's bodyguard (who's back was to me) turned around in his chair and started bopping his head. And that everyone in the room was watching and bopping their heads. When I returned to my table the bartender approached me with a huge grin and said "WOW, that took a lot of guts. We were all enjoying it. Why did you stop?" I explained that I was asked to by the Hostess. Suddenly the Hostess came running over and said, "It's not that you weren't good, but I had to do my job". I said, "I know, but I had to take a chance". Winking at me, she said, "I know you did".

While I regret that I didn't get to follow up and give Prince my contact info, I did sing for him. it was a great moment.