Johnnie Johnson

It is with a very heavy heart, that I announce the death of my mentor, my teacher, my idol and my friend,
Johnnie Johnson.
Words cannot describe my love and respect for this great and humble man.

I remember a night about 5 years ago, I was at a Johnnie Johnson gig in NYC.
Keith Richards walked in and sat down to watch Johnnie play.
I approched Keith and introduced myself.
I said, "My name is Doña, I am a student of Johnnie's".
Keith replied...."Aren't we all!"

That one simple phrase encapsulates the true gift that Johnnie gave all of us.
Anyone who has ever played, danced to, listened to or heard of Rock & Roll is a student of Johnnie's, forever.
May God bless his beautiful wife, Frances, his family and friends that he leaves behind.
AND...thank you, Johnnie, for all the memories!
---with love always,